SWGfL Websites

During my time at SWGfL I have developed and maintained a wide variety of websites, each a unique platform aimed at delivering a particular service or support a group of people. Here are some that I am most proud of:


Our main charity site helping people access the Internet, free from harm


An ad-free search engine designed specifically for children

Project Evolve

Essential online development for children & young people


A self-review tool to help schools improve online safety

Revenge Porn Helpline

A website to support victims of Intimate Image Abuse

Report Harmful Content

A website to support people who affected by harmful but legal content

Test Filtering

Tests your Internet filter blocks different types of illegal content

A system for hashing images to prevent them from being uploaded to social media platforms.

360safe Cymru

A Self-Review Pro tool for developing Online Safety Policy and practice in Wales. In English and Welsh.

360safe Scotland

A Self-Review Pro tool for developing Online Safety Policy and practice in Scotland.

Computing Quality Framework

A Self-Review Pro instance for The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) Computing Quality Framework is intended to help schools review their progress in developing the computing curriculum.

eSafe School

A Self-Review Pro instance to assist schools in the UAE with their Online Safety policy.

Hacking Hate

A website enabling access to a range of resources to help understand and make changes around hate speech.

360 Early Years

A Self-Review Pro instance to improve Online Safety in an early years setting.

360 Groups

A Self-Review Pro instance to help non-school groups that work with children improve Online Safety.