A browser scripting language, originally developed by Netscape and released in December 1995, it enables control over all elements within a webpage as well as general scripting, and now has a number of API's for accessing other hardware, and frameworks for running it as a server language (NodeJS, Deno). It conforms to the ECMA standard for browser scripting interoperability.

My journey with JavaScript began with the Microsoft implementation (JScript) in Internet Explorer 4. I spend many years working with the jQuery framework, and have now written a modular ES6 jQuery clone library called Dabby.js. I have also created a PHP based JavaScript compiler and minifier called JSlite.

I am not really into front-end web app frameworks such as React, Angular etc. I prefer to use the native HTTP paradigm and be fairly light touch with my JavaScript, which usually leads to fairly small JavaScript bundles. For me this improves user experience, and uses less resources.


Freelance Projects